Kalte is the abstract/ambient project from Deane Hughes of Akumu and Rik MacLean of mara’s torment.

Working in electronic sub-genres such as zero-bpm, music concréte and deep ambient, the duo produces eerie and expansive soundscapes created from natural sources that have been digitally altered and re-assembled, resulting in a dark and atmospheric combination of organic and electronic elements.

Kalte have released four albums to date, all informed and inspired by themes of isolation, technology, and Subarctic cold, Their latest release, “The Bailey Sessions“ (Crime League, 2016) is a long form abstract piece evoking glacial stillness and haunting depths, music that builds on past work and hints at musical journeys still to come. For more information, please visit http://www.kaltemusic.com

In addition to their musical work as Kalte, Hughes and MacLean also create visual art under the name SubZeroArts, and have presented a number of installations in Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa. Their work combines technology, optical interaction and other disciplines to create interactive environments where participants contribute to the overall artistic experience. For more information, please visit http://www.SubZeroArts.com