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ampersand-etcOnce we released “The Lanthanide Series”, we were pleased to find that people were listening to it and liking it. We will always be grateful for that early support, and if you were one of those early supporters we think you’re pretty awesome!

agniworld-logoWe were also very flattered to receive some positive reviews and radio play for “The Lanthanide Series”, and we’d like to especially thank those reviewers and DJs for helping us spread the word about what we were doing as Kalte.

disquiet-logoOur very first review appeared in Disquiet shortly after the release of the album, noting “[t]he pieces each have an admirably through-composed feeling” which we took to be quite thoughtful. “The Lanthanide Series” also received mentions in Ambient Music Blog, Inq, Ampersand Etcetera, Foem, and Agniworld, and was selected as one of 2008’s highlights on the Classical-Drone website. Our track “Shallow Approach” was also featured on the 29th edition of “A Duck in a Tree”, the weekly radio program from :zoviet*france: which was a very pleasant surprise for us.

Finding an audience for Kalte was pretty amazing, so riding on that positivity we decided to record a new album. Join us tomorrow and we’ll tell you a little bit about that process…

For the entire month of October while we celebrate #10yearsofKalte, if you buy a copy of “The Lanthanide Series” through Bandcamp you can send us your email at info@kaltemusic.com and we’ll send you a free copy of our latest release, “Covalencies“!

Kalte Podcasts & Reviews…

Over the last week “The Lanthanide Series” has been noted in Inq and has been included in the NTNS Radio podcast. ::: http://www.inq-mag.com/2008/11/07/sf6010-kalte-the-lanthanide-series/ ::: http://www.myspace.com/ntnsradio

Kalte is also mentioned as part of a Stasisfield label profile at Ampersand Etcetera, where “The Lanthanide Series” is noted as “well worth pursuing”…
::: http://ampersandetc.blogspot.com/2008/11/stasisfield-update.html

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