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Thanks for Joining Us!

Thanks so much to all of you for joining us as we’ve celebrated #10yearsofKalte

We’ve had a great time looking back on the last decade and we hope that you’ve enjoyed it as well.

While we’ve prepared this project and reflected on the work that we’ve done over the years, it’s really resonated with us how lucky we’ve been to have worked with so many awesome people who have helped us with both Kalte and SubZeroArts. We truly appreciate all of your support and encouragement and we hope that you’ve enjoyed working with us too.

And so ends our first decade as Kalte. Looking back on everything that we’ve done has been particularly inspiring and exciting for us and we’re already making plans and working up ideas for the next decade and beyond. We can’t wait to share some of the ideas that we have with you, and we hope that you’ll all continue to support us, as we plan to keep making music and art for many years to come!


Rik and Deane


The entire Kalte catalog is available for streaming and Pay What You Can download at Bandcamp!






In addition to our full album releases, Kalte also has exclusive tracks on Quiet Drones Volume 4 and Volume 9…




During Winter 2018, we started work on a new album. Originally our plan had been to look back at some of our earlier work and rerecord some of the material, thinking that we could apply current methods and thinking to older tracks and make something new out of them. We were quite excited about revisiting everything, but somewhere along the line a lot of the ideas that we had led us in completely new directions, and before we knew it we were working on new material again.

The new songs had a particularly slow drift to them, a gradual shifting of sounds that felt almost glacial in nature. Where past releases had featured music where the listener had the opportunity to explore the soundscape at their own pace, the new music had a tidal quality where the listener was swept along through a range of sound. And the more that we traveled alongside those songs, the more obvious it became to us that we were headed in the right direction musically, hitting all the right themes and ideals we had established in the early days of Kalte, while still building further and expanding on them. In many ways, this new release felt like a culmination of all of the work that we had been doing since we first started trading sound files and coming up with a project vocabulary all those years ago.

When recording was finished, we started the Naming Ritual again, and decided on “Covalencies” as a title. In addition to having a molecular association that connects it to “The Lanthanide Series“, “Covalencies” refers to the sharing of electron pairs between atoms, which also serves as an analogy to the sharing of ideas, themes, and methods found throughout all of our work from 2008 to this release. Needless to say, we’re really pleased with this album and we think that it stands as a nice bridge between our first decade and what we plan to do musically in the future.

You may be wondering at this point, what ever happened to the idea of remixing or rerecording some of the older stuff? When is the Kalte Remix Album gonna come out? Well, we can’t answer that definitively right now, but it’s in the pipeline so that’s something you can look forward to hearing when it’s ready…

The Bailey Sessions

We began work on our fourth album in May 2016 and inspired by the sounds of the “Transmissions” installation, we decided to shake things up a bit. It had been five years since the release of “Fissures” and though we hadn’t released an album in that time, we had gained a lot of experience and ideas for Kalte from steady live shows and installation pieces that we had staged as SubZeroArts in the intervening years.

Dubbing the new album “Kalte 4”, we decided to apply a more abstract sound palette than we normally worked with, moving into a slightly more challenging aural landscape for us to explore. We rethought the previous restrictions we had placed on ourselves about sound sources, blending in some wave patterns and even adding some percussive elements to distinguish our new material from earlier Kalte work. We also decided to add a live element to the recording process that we hadn’t used for past albums. Rather than concentrating on individual songs, we decided to record Kalte 4 as a long form track much like one of our live performances, building a suite of sorts containing multiple movements that would seamlessly ebb and flow together. Not being content to envelop the listener for eight, nine, or ten minutes at a time, we instead opted to create a single forty minute piece that encapsulated the Kalte aesthetic along with all of our new ideas.

It made for an interesting series of recording sessions, forcing us to think in terms of larger scope and broader themes musically. In the end we came up with a Kalte album that was new and fresh and distinct from our earlier releases, but still possessed a shared sonic ideal. We were totally pleased with the results, and decided to name the album “The Bailey Sessions“, in recognition of the recording process we had used on this release and as a nod to one of our earliest supporters, James Bailey, who many of you will know as the host of Electric Sense on CIUT here in Toronto.

We reached out to our friend Mike Morton (aka Displacer), to see if he’d be interested in releasing “The Bailey Sessions” on his Crime League label, and were thrilled to be added to the Crime League roster when the album was released in October 2016. In addition to putting out the album, Mike also got us in touch with Chris Goodenbury, whose stunning photography on the cover of the album perfectly captured the sense of the music we had made.

Prior to the release of “The Bailey Sessions”, Deane put together a short teaser video that touched on many of the ideas that informed the album, setting the stage for a new phase in our musical work.

On the subject of Crime League, we very much encourage you to check out the rest of the label, where you’ll find some fantastic music by some truly amazing artists. In addition to work by Kalte and Displacer, you’ll also find releases by Gnome and Mark Spybey, Dead Voices on Air, Shimmer Crush, and many more awesome musical projects, all very definitely well worth investigating!

Fissures Remix Kit!

FissuresRemixIn recognition of the release of our third album “Fissures“, we’re releasing a third Remix Kit for you to make some new music with!

Link to download (24 Mb)

Featuring raw tracks from the “Fissures” album, this new Remix Kit is sure to inspire you to create new and exciting remixes of Kalte or completely new and awesome music of your own. Be sure to tag your work with #10yearsofKalte to let us know what you do, we’d love to hear what you come up with!

If you haven’t already grabbed them, you can find our first two Remix Kits at the links below;


Adding a Visual Element

With the release of “Fissures”, we began to think more about the visual ideal of what we were doing with Kalte. There had always been an imagery that we associated with our music, but with our recent live experiences, particularly with Monsters in Your Head, we wanted to go even further and create a more fulsome vision for Kalte.

To start with, Deane made a video for “Fissures”, a dark and abstract collection of images that brought to mind the massive pressures and the arctic depths of the Hadopelagic Zone, and that went a long way to inform how listeners pictured the work on the “Fissures” album.

We also began to add a visual element to our live performances during the “Fissures” shows, using video and dramatic lighting to further convey our vision. You’ve already seen a short clip from our performance in March 2011, and that show and others that followed further developed our thoughts about new ways to present our music that would manifest themselves in our work very soon…

By the way, while we’re speaking about our clip from March 2011, we wanted to give a shout out to our friend Liisa who filmed the footage that we used to make that video. In addition to being one of the best writers we know, Liisa is also an awesome video director and we whole-heartedly encourage you to check out her very impressive collection of Goth Style videos.

For the entire month of October while we celebrate #10yearsofKalte, if you buy a copy of “The Lanthanide Series” through Bandcamp you can send us your email at info@kaltemusic.com and we’ll send you a free copy of our latest release, “Covalencies“!


Join us tomorrow and we’ll tell you more about where that took us…


FissuresCoverWe began working on our third album (with a working title of Kalte 3) in the fall of 2010, and the recording sessions we had for it were definitely influenced by our experiences playing live. We continued to use the mapping technique we had developed for “Glaciations”, and we also broadened our idea of creating a musical space, moving from between the ears of the listener to filling an actual physical environment with sound. It seems like a very simple shift, but in practice we found it to be a significantly different way of thinking that greatly informed what we were doing.

In addition to thinking about filling physical spaces with sound, Kalte 3 was also inspired by the weather, being our first release that was actually recorded in the winter. So much of what we had been doing with Kalte drew from ideas of cold Antarctic temperatures and deep undersea pressures, but the truth was that we had recorded both of our first two albums in the heat of the summer, where our only actual connection to cold Antarctic temperatures was the air conditioner at Deane’s place. Actually recording in the winter added a level of verisimilitude to what we were doing that pushed our sound to a new level. Long nights and bitter cold did a lot to influence the sounds that we collected to work with, resulting in some of our most fully realized work to date.

Making new music is always a great time, but recording Kalte 3 was particularly enjoyable for us in that we were very comfortable with our vision for Kalte, with our sound aesthetic, and with the processes that we were using. It was a great place for us to be musically, and listening back to what we were doing we can hear that perfect realization of circumstances.

We finished recording in mid January of 2011, and decided to name the album “Fissures”, which refers to the lines found in ice or rock as the result of breaking or cracks. It was a simple choice to make as the idea of new forms and patterns revealed in solid objects seemed to run parallel to our discovery of greater depths within our music.

“Fissures” was released in March 2011 on the Petcord net-label with the artwork designed by label owner Synflict. It’s a really beautiful cover that fully captured our vision at the time, and we’re most grateful to Synflict for his support.

Following the release of “Fissures”, we started thinking about what we wanted to do to let people know about it. Join us tomorrow and we’ll tell you a bit more about that…

For the entire month of October while we celebrate #10yearsofKalte, if you buy a copy of “The Lanthanide Series” through Bandcamp you can send us your email at info@kaltemusic.com and we’ll send you a free copy of our latest release, “Covalencies“!

We are very pleased to have received a review of “Fissures’ from the always excellent Hypnagogue Music Reviews site. Describing it as “a stunning density of isolationist ambient sound, chillingly cold and marginally disturbing”, reviewer John Shanahan writes an insightful and thoughtful piece that nicely captures the essence of “Fissures“. Thanks John!

In addition to the Hypnagogue review site, be sure to check out John’s excellent Podcast as well…

Some Links of Note

We’d like to thank the Agniworld and Darkfloor sites for their reviews of “Fissures” and for their support of our work.

We’d also like to thank CKUT in Montreal for their continued radio support of “Fissures”, and we were thrilled to see that it’s currently the number one release in the station’s RPM charts(!) as of April 26th.

Thanks also go out to Dhomochev for making this fan video for our track Svalbard from our “Glaciations” album. We’re very flattered that our work has inspired you.

Celebrating the release of “Fissures” http://www.petcord.com/releases/pc0311-02-kalte-fissures/, here is a short excerpt from our live performance at the Ambient Ping on March 8th, 2011 at Supermarket, Toronto.
Live visuals by Deane, lights by General Chaos Visuals, shot by Liisa.

“Fissures” video by Kalte

A short video from “Fissures” — our new release on PetCord.
Download the entire album for free from PetCord here:
[pc0311-02] Kalte – Fissures

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